Demo deletes kerning groups irreversibly

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Philip L
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Demo deletes kerning groups irreversibly

Post by Philip L »

When I used the KO version 1.18 demo and I did not yet decide to buy the full version I clicked on Kern On to see what happens in the demo. Turned out that the demo stopped there. I did not notice before saving that this deleted the kerning groups. Might be annoying for undecisive buyers. I work with copies, of course, still I lost some work back then. Maybe also for first-time users a note before continuing might be useful. For the first steps, a fall-back file gives a safe feeling. In the beginning I thought KO would work with my kerning groups. My fault, as I got your tutorial videos wrong.
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Tim Ahrens
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Re: Demo deletes kerning groups irreversibly

Post by Tim Ahrens »

Hello Philip, sorry to hear you lost some data. Maybe to me, it is too obvious that one would keep a copy of the file when trying a new tool.

Warning the user is a good idea, I just added a note to the dialog that explicitly says that the kerning groups will be reset.

Btw, there has been some discussion on why Kern On removes the kerning groups on start-up: this (more recent) and this (a little older).
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