KO kerns deleted masters

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Philip L
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KO kerns deleted masters

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For a quick kerning check I deleted some of my masters (while KO was already open) and ran Kern on. The progress bar comments still referred to the non-existing masters and it took as long as still having all the masters. Saving the file does not solve the problem, but restarting KO of course.
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Tim Ahrens
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Re: KO kerns deleted masters

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Sorry, major edits to the font while Kern On is running should be avoided. Things like deleting masters or deleting, creating or re-naming glyphs are not supported.

Kern On explicitly supports editing the kerning via Glyphs, editing the sidebearings, and editing the contours while it is running. This is reflected immediately, and pairs are re-autokerned as necessary. Beware, if you edit the shapes of glyphs used in models this can become a bit sluggish as KO needs to re-work the models after each small editing step (as it does not know when your editing ends). I think from a practical point of view, this is good enough. I guess I should add warnings when the user makes unsupported changes to the font, though.
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