Set zerowidthspace to auto

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Set zerowidthspace to auto

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Hello, after letting KO set up models on its own and editing them a little, I found one model to be endash zerowidthspace. This model is, of course, unnecessary, but I cannot set it to Auto. Somehow, KO now set it to Independent, after I edited some other models, but I cannot change that. In practice, of course, this is not an issue, as the Independent kerning of 0 doesn't affect anything. Still, I'm not sure this is quite intentional.
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Re: Set zerowidthspace to auto

Post by Tim Ahrens »

Currently, Kern On does not actively support kerning against blank glyphs such as space or zerowidthspace. They can’t be models or auto pairs because that would involve analysing the glyph shapes. However, you can set them as independent pairs because for independents, KO simply ignores the shapes and allows anything.

I can understand you want to remove the independent pair even though it does not hurt. To do that you can erase the zero in the little text field above the slider. Erasing the figure generally switches the pair to auto, or, in that particular case to “nothing”.
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