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Hi Tim

I have a typeface with a 20 degree angle. So when I try to kern the /H/period/H equally KernOn does not accept the the same amount of kerning on both sides of the period. I suspect it thinks the /H/period combo is tighter than the /period/H combo because the /H is leaning over to the right bc of the Italic angle. Is this really the case?
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Re: Italics

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Not sure without seeing this but yes, you are probably right. In your font, the distance from H to period is probably smaller than from period to H. You can play around with the measurement tool to check this. This teaches us that slanting a correctly spaced upright does not necessarily lead to a correctly spaced oblique.

I’d suggest to switch off the numbers (i.e. sidebearings) for a moment and work purely visually, by looking rather than thinking. Just place the period so that it visually sits in the centre between H and H. Then, Kern On should allow you to set zero kerning for /H/period as well as /period/H.
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