Delete All Model and independent pairs

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Simon Mager
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Delete All Model and independent pairs

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This might be already answered somewhere but I could not find the info. Is it possible to delete all pairs stored in Kern-On and start from scratch?
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Tim Ahrens
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Re: Delete All Model and independent pairs

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Here is what you can do:

On the Kern On window there is a line that tells you how many model pairs you have, and a little arrow. If you click on that arrow it will show you a list of all models. If you select all text, then click on the “Auto” segment this will remove all models. You need to do this for all masters as necessary. Same for the user-set autopairs (deactivate them by clicking Auto again) and independent pairs (switch them to Auto). I’d then recommend to close the Kern On window and start Kern On again. Then you will start from scratch. Note: if you skip the re-start then your special spacing groups will be preserved. I hope I am not missing something.

Maybe a specific function to completely reset Kern On for the current font would be helpful. I’ll try to implement that.
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