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Kern On v 1.09

Posted: 13 Jan 2022
by Tim Ahrens
Just published version 1.09. To update, head over to
  • New feature: For models or independent pairs, hold ctrl to preview the kerning value it would have if it was a model. This saves you switching to Auto and back.
  • Improved internal calculation of the special spacing amounts.
  • Added support for some African languages (Kanuri, Bambara, Hausa, Tamajaq and Zarma) and U+2010 HYPHEN (thanks Christoph!)
  • Fixed a crash (thanks Hugo!)
  • Better support for Romanian with legacy Tcedilla/tcedilla.
  • Unused kerning groups are now omitted.
  • Several other small but important improvements and fixes under the hood.

Note: This update is likely to autokern the font somewhat differently.
I recommend to:
  • Fully kern the font(s) you are working on (using the “Kern On” button)
  • Create a backup copy of that file
  • Install the latest version of Kern On
  • Open the file, start Kern On
  • In case Kern On removes models (this can happen), resolve the problems
  • Open the backup file
  • In Glyphs, activate the new version (which has KO running)
  • Choose “Compare to...” the old version
  • Examine the changes