Kern On

Kern On is a kerning assistant, as a plug-in for Glyphs, devised and coded by Tim Ahrens.

Updating Kern On

If you have the free trial or demo, download the latest demo version to update.

If you have purchased a license, update the full version.

Kern On change log

v 1.20  2023-02-14

v 1.19  2023-01-27

v 1.18  2022-11-20

v 1.17  2022-10-28

v 1.16  2022-08-07

v 1.15  2022-07-04

This update is likely to autokern the font somewhat differently. I recommend to:

v 1.14  2022-04-25

v 1.13  2022-04-21

v 1.12  2022-04-05

v 1.11  2022-03-04

v 1.10  2022-02-07

v 1.09  2022-01-13

v 1.08  2021-12-09

v 1.07  2021-11-24

v 1.06  2021-11-02

v 1.05  2021-10-31

As of today, we do not have a trial version any more (which was unlimited in terms of functionality, but came with an expiry date). Instead, you can download a demo version – its only limitation is that it will not finalize fonts, i.e. does not fully kern the font and generate class kerning after you push the “Kern On” button.

This version also features minor tweaks to the engine, refined warnings and suggestions, and fixes a crash when all metrics are removed.

v 1.04  2021-10-26

This version does not add any obvious new features but has significantly improved overall behaviour:

v 1.03  2021-09-30

v 1.02  2021-09-16

v 1.01  2021-07-19

v 1.0  2021-06-18