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Kern On v 1.03

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Just published version 1.03. To update, head over to

Note: This update is likely to autokern the font somewhat differently.
I recommend to:
  • Fully kern the font(s) you are working on (using the “Kern On” button)
  • Create a backup copy of that file
  • Install Kern On v 1.02
  • Open the file, start Kern On
  • In case Kern On removes models (this can happen), resolve the problems
  • Open the backup file
  • In Glyphs, activate the new version (which has KO running)
  • Choose “Compare to...” the old version
  • Identify whether you need any additional models
This is also a very powerful way to determine possible necessary models or flawed auto-kerning (which is nearly the same). Often this technique of comparing to an older version of the font (whether it is kerned with a different version of KO, or has a different models set-up) is even better than Kern On’s built-in suggestions. So, don’t be upset if you need a few more models – the final result will be even better than before.

The most important changes in this version are:
  • Fixed a couple of crashs on start-up (thanks Christoph and Christian!).
  • Better support for soft hyphen (thanks Eben!).
  • Added letter-to-hyphen pairs based on hyphenation dictionaries.
  • Many other smaller improvements and fixes.
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